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Mirror Series

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who's the Fairest One of us All?

1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

When I built the first mirror in this series—the green one—“Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…” in 1999, it felt like an exploration into a more personal realm. I used colored pencil on paper with leather, wire, glass and ceramic beads. On the back is a poem I wrote at the time, about the ongoing process of aging.

I later realized it was not the first time I had used mirrors; in fact pieces such as “Reflection Study” with mirror shards and “Seeking Serenity” were done 10 and 20 years prior. It was intriguing to find a connecting thread in my own work of which I had been unaware.



Reflection Study

a. Reflection Study

Seeking Solitude

b. Seeking Solitude

Zig Zag in Green

47. Zig Zag in Green

Frame with Yellow Zig Zag

48. Frame with Yellow Zig Zag

Mirrors 3–20

The Guitarist

3. The Guitarist

The Drummer

4. The Drummer

Copper Grill

5. Copper Grill

Berkeley Dumbs and Berkeley Brights

6. Berkeley Dumbs & Berkeley Brights

The Unbalanced Quartet: Spring

7. The Unbalanced Quartet: Spring

The Unbalanced Quartet: Summer

8. The Unbalanced Quartet: Summer

The Unbalanced Quartet: Fall

9. The Unbalanced Quartet: Fall

The Unbalanced Quartet: Winter

10. The Unbalanced Quartet: Winter

Days of the Week

11. Days of the Week

Red Window

12. Red Window

Blue Maze

13. Blue Maze

To Knit Or Not to Knit

14. To Knit Or Not to Knit

Earthworms I

15. Earthworms I

Earthworms II

16. Earthworms II

Earthworms III

17. Earthworms III

Rails to Trails

18. Rails to Trails

Roy G Biv Vandal Mirror

19. Roy G Biv Vandal Mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... III

20. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… III

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