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beaded sky curtain

Beaded Sky Curtain

Though I am a ‘mixed media’ artist, I find glass beads and mirror are the perfect metaphor for reflection and study. From the most intimate and personal scale up to a grand architectural setting, beads provide tiny cellular building blocks with which we can explore an infinite variety of forms and patterns. We also enter into an age-old dialogue with other artisans, since beads have been used in every corner of the world and across every age and continent.

Color… pattern… texture… and an abiding respect for skilled work crafted by human hands… These are all major elements of my work.

But they are secondary to what I feel is my path in life: helping to build connections. By sharing and joining in hand work with others—sometimes hundreds or thousands of others—we can all expand our understanding of the world. By doing art and creating together, we can build bridges instead of walls between ourselves, and between our cultures.

Jeanne Leffingwell and participants with the Million Bead Project installation

Million Bead Project

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