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From Teachers, Parents, Students and Administrators

What parents and teachers have to say about Jeanne’s Art and Teaching

“Jeanne’s enthusiasm and artistic intensity captured the interest of my 4th grade daughter's class completely. I’ve rarely seen the entire class so engaged…”

— Angie Freeman
Parent, Moscow Charter School

“People sit down in front of the TV to ‘connect’, but it just doesn’t work. We need more projects like this. It’s like taking a fresh breath of air to do this.”

— Mrs. Z.
Teacher, Moscow Junior High School

“My students loved this project. They volunteered to stay in for recess. They really enjoyed the opportunity of being ‘Beading Buddies’ with the 1st and 2nd graders.”

— Gail Sipe
5th Grade Teacher, McDonald Elementary

“My kids love to bead. They talk about it all of the time.”

— Jodi Bice
Parent, Moscow Charter School

“It’s great in home-schooling because our bead class became a big part of our math lessons for this term. By drawing the designs on graph paper and then transferring it to the loom and then counting it all out, a whole bunch of lessons came into play, and now [my daughter] is writing about it as a record in her journal.”

— Erin O’Rourke
Home-School Parent

“My 10 year-old son Daniel had a great experience in the Million Bead Project. The geometric nature of the patterns, as well as counting the beads in both the individual and collective projects were excellent real-world and aesthetic applications of his love for mathematics. He came home nightly and designed new patterns and worked on his loom creating them; and even when the school project was over he continued to do so. A really exciting program.”

— Jay P. Feldman
University of Idaho, Department of Philosophy

“The Million Bead Project with Jeanne Leffingwell provided a unique opportunity for students to learn about the art of beading and mixed media, to quietly create their own pieces, and to contribute to a large-scale work. Through each step of the process, students found a sliver of peace that many seldom experience in their hurried family schedules… Jeanne has made a positive impact on our students this last month, and I would recommend the exceptional Million Bead Project to any school wishing to supplement their art curriculum.”

— Stephanie Sant
Movement Specialist, McDonald Elementary

“I enjoyed learning how to do loomwork with beads and design for the loom. I liked it best when there were over 20 people in the art room at lunch working on the beading projects! I also enjoyed the collaboration with Ms. Leffingwell to create a mural piece which is part of a larger visionary installation project, the Million Bead Project. That is really exciting!”

— Blue Leitch
Art Teacher, McLoughlin High School

“This was a very valuable project for the mind and soul!”

— Mrs. Smith
3rd Grade Teacher, Lena Whitmore Elementary

“Fabulous! My children participated in the million bead project--we still do bead work! Thanks so much for that gift to our community! Warmly,”

— Gretal
Parent, Moscow Charter School

“Yes, You go girl!! We need a book.”

— Sue Cable
3rd Grade Teacher, Washington Elem, Pendleton

What students have to say about Jeanne Leffingwell and her projects:

“This is the first time the bell has rang [sic] and nobody moved.”

— Will G.
Student, Lena Whitmore Elementary

“This is the most fun thing I’ve ever done in [art time].”

— Jon A.
Student, McDonald Elementary

“…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE beading!!”

— Stacy H.
6th Grader, McDonald Elementary

“Why can’t we do this the rest of the year?”

— Daniel L.
Student, Moscow Charter School

“Beeding [sic] is my most favorite fun ever.”

— Iverson W.
4th grader, Washington Elementary

“Could you maybe be here all year!!!!!”

— Brendan C.
Student, Russell Elementary

“From my poked fingers to your wrist, thank you so much for the old loom that you gave me. I am planning on making a lot of beadwork with it. On that note, I made you something in return… Thanks to you, I now love to do bead working. Sincerely,”

— Taylor A.
Student, McDonald Elementary

“I wish beading was a sport.”

— Alex
Student, Russell Elementary

“Please stay all year!!!!!”

— Danyon H.
Student, Russell Elementary

“I liked everything, especially the attitude of the artist towards the project. That’s what got me going to just keep beading.”

— Gabriela D

“I learned that you can do a lot of fun things without having to go out. I liked best that we got to do a bracelet to keep for ourselves.”

— Andreina A

“I liked that we got to make different types of beadwork and pick our own patterns and colors.”

— Stephanie

“I liked learning about all the different kinds of beads.”

— Teresa J

“I liked best that she (the artist) believed that we were going to get more beads than the other school.”

— Marla L

“I learned that people have been beading since a long time ago.”

— Vicky M

“We got to be around an actual artist who makes a living from beading and stuff.”

— Jorge G

“I liked the beadwork that we did. I learned that beading can be hard and takes time.”

— Salvador S

“It was interesting because everyone worked equally.”

— Jesus D

“I thought it was really fun. I really got into it.”

— Jovita T

“I liked best seeing the finished beaded piece after it was done.”

— Narcisco G

“…Sometimes we just don’t realize what a difference a class makes to someone’s life but I can’t thank you enough for teaching me to bead on a loom (and now make the earrings!) - not only do you do a great job of passing on the ‘how to’ in a class, you have a gift for passing on the love of the art…thank you so much. ”

— Alison Oman

What people said about the Million Bead Project Installation
Selected from more than 584 signed at the Prichard Art Gallery, May 18–July 23, 2007)

“What a terrific concept, what a scope. It is an overwhelming experience to see the million-plus results so far. I really enjoyed how subtle some of the individual weavings are. Congratulations!”

— Sonja Lewis

“Delightful in many ways! Wonderful experience for all children taking part in this project.”

— Kathy Kearney

“I am in awe of this fantastic project! Jeanne’s conception, action, finding participants & completing this is a Herculean (Amazonian) Effort!”

— Jane Pritchett

“This is amazing art work and it is nice to see communities coming together.”

— Bethany Smith

“I loved doing it but more than that I liked seeing the different ones.”

— Anna Daley Laursen

“Fantastic! My kids were part of the first group at West Park. I can still pick out their contributions to the million.”

— Lisa Morris

“Beautiful individuality! Everyone had a part of a whole.”

— Lindsay Weisbrod

“I think that it is a neat idea to make such an abstract idea tangible.”

— William Godsoe

“Great idea. I appreciate these types of learning projects, they really help kids in school.”

— Debbie Stubbers

“Fantastic - Hope to use it in Math in 5th grade in Grangeville.”

— Hilary McAlister

“I helped make it. It’s a great idea!”

— Brittney P

“An amazing project - from conception to implementation to Art!”

— Gail Chermak

“It’s amazing to see people come together like this for the sake of Art.”

— Leah Rachel Culp

“An extremely fun project. I wish to do it again.”

— Lilly T

“It’s like totally WICKED!!!”

— Edy A

What administrators have to say about Jeanne Leffingwell’s projects and teaching

“…Jeanne Leffingwell, teaching artist, has been a breath of fresh air to our summer school academics. We have seen it through student writing on art vocabulary and concepts, mathematical images in symmetry, consistency and patterns. The students will be able to write down stories about their art projects. It is a gift for students to be able to express themselves through art and to demonstrate confidence in their academics through this implementation. The adults who came learned from her and realized we can use paper, recycled wire and looms to do awesome beadwork. Jeanne Leffingwell’s abilities as a teacher were creative and innovative with her beadwork, she made beading seem simple and yet the students’ work was advanced because of her instruction. She makes beading fun and her style of teaching makes students learn and can be taught to the standards. We thoroughly enjoyed her and highly recommend that she return when school is in session.…”

—Emily Murray
Administrative Assistant, Aniguiin School, Elim Alaska

“…Jeanne was very good with the students. To be honest I thought the students would have a lot of difficulty with the beading project… but that was not the case. Her teaching skills and ability to explain and show the process of beading at their level assured that the students knew what to do. She didn’t talk down to the students. They were quiet and attentive while she was explaining because she was imparting information in a way that they could understand…”

— Carrie Hendricks
Principal, Freewater Elementary School

“I was pleased that Jeanne joined our Directory. It has been a pleasure to get to know her and the excellent work she does as an artist and as a talented teacher and mentor of young people. I have always found her to be pleasant, efficient, and willing to go the extra mile in residency planning with schools and in her work during and after the projects—her documentation of residency work is amazing and her scrapbooks become a wonderful record for schools. Her careful attention to detail helps to make everything go smoothly. Her dedication to her artwork shows in her ability to imagine significant projects and coordinate big ideas into her work with schools. We have received very positive feedback from school administrators, teachers, and students. The excitement her residency projects generate can be seen in the enthusiasm project coordinators have to tell the story of the residency. Jeanne's projects garner great press and bring acclaim to our program. Jeanne is a team player. She always responds to requests from our office, always attends and participates in activities to increase her skills as a teaching artist, and is always generous with her time. I can recommend Jeanne without hesitation.”

— Ruth Piispanen
Director, Arts Education, Idaho Commission on the Arts

“It is absolutely wonderful… it encompasses such a wide variety of our student body…”

— Bob Celebrezze
Principal, Moscow High School

“Dear Jeanne, I just had to let you know how grateful I am for your work with our kids… The work is breathtaking, and the depth of your commitment is as beautiful to me as the art itself. You’re such and encouragement—thank you”

— Keely Emerine Mix
Trustee, Moscow School District

“Jeanne - your vision has become a glorious reality! So many beads, so many little hands, numeric concepts, & magnificent art. Thank you - you’re amazing!”

— Cindy Bechinski, Curriculum Director
Moscow School District No. 281

“…[Jeanne] is an excellent artist, teacher and professional. She is passionate about using the arts to educate our children and enrich our community. As an ICA rostered artist and former grant recipient, she is organized, hardworking, dedicated and thorough in her approach… This innovative project, combining art, math, science and exponential literacy provides an exciting opportunity. K–12 students, UI art education majors, and members of the community are working together to visualize some very complex information through the arts.”

— Sally Machlis
Commission Member, Idaho Commission on the Arts and University of Idaho Associate Professor of Art & Art Education

“…What separates Jeanne is her ability to go from classroom teaching to conceiving of projects that expand exponentially… Jeanne's approach to art and education makes it accessible. It relates important concepts from everyday life and aesthetic fields into a unified whole that is easy for young people to grasp. They come away with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and connectedness. There is nothing greater that we could ask for from an educator. It has been my great privilege to work with Jeanne Leffingwell and assist in bringing her ideas to life for the community.”

— Roger Rowley
Director, University of Idaho Prichard Art Gallery

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